【Summer climbing】Uraginza – One of the longest courses in the Northern Alps –

From July 13th to 15th, 2018, I climbed Uraginza in the Northern Alps using a tent.

What is Uraginza.

Uraginza is the name of a mountain trail that leads from the Nanakura Dam / Takase Dam to Mt. Mt. Noguchigoro, Mt. Washiba, Mt. Sugoroku, and Mt. Yari in the Northern Alps.
This is for healthy legs because of the long process.

In this article, I will introduce a record of going through Ura Ginza other than Mt. Yari.

Course details

The details of the course are listed below.

(Day 1)Nanakura dam→Takase dam→Eboshi Hat(Course time 8h)
(Day 2)Eboshi hat→Mt. Noguchigoro→Suisho hat→Mt. Suisho→Suisho hat→Mt. Washiba→Mitsumata Hat(Course time 10h)
(Day 3)Mitsumata hat→Sugoroku hat→→Kagamitaira hat→Wasabitaira hat→Shinhotaka hot spring (course time 8h)

Further details can be found in the following mountain and plateau maps.
Mountain climbing without a map is dangerous. Make sure you have a map before climbing.
In addition, since this course covers a vast mountainous area, two mountains and plateau maps are required.

From the beginning of mountain climbing to the Bunatachi ridge.

July 12 night. I came to the Shinjuku bus terminal.
I will take a bus from here to the Shichikura Dam, the starting point of the trail.

Click here for the bus reservation site.

The morning of July 13 at 3:30. Arrived at the Nanakura Dam.
It is necessary to move by taxi or on foot from here to Takase Dam at the starting point.

During this time, taxis will not be available until 6:30.
Therefore, I move to Takase Dam over an hour on foot.

Click here for the taxi timetable (the first departure time varies depending on the season)

It passes through many tunnels to Takase Dam.
There is no light inside the tunnel and it is very dark.
Headlight is required.

It takes about 1 hour to walk through the tunnel and forest road. I arrived at the Spell break road folding just under the Takase dam.

I continue to climb.
Due to the risk of falling rocks, straight climbing is not allowed.

After passing through the spell, I enter the Fudosawa tunnel.
A dungeon feeling is overflowing.

Inside the Fudosawa tunnel.

Walk through the Fudosawa tunnel for a while and cross the Fudosawa suspension bridge.

Look down from the suspension bridge.
A fun route full of adventure with tunnels, suspension bridges and dams.

After passing through the suspension bridge, I finally enter the mountain path.
It is the beginning of one of Japan’s three biggest climbs, Bunatachi ridge.

Bunatachi ridge, Eboshi hat, Night view.

At the Bunatachi ridge, you climb the altitude difference of 1,200m at a stretch.
Couse time is about 4 hours.

Many alpine plants are in bloom along the way.
This is Cerastium schizopetalum?

This is Cornus canadense?

Gaultheria ovatifolia ?

Heracleum lanatum?

Acomastylis calthifolium ?

Even so, I don’t get any speed at Bunatachi ridge.
I can only climb in the same time as the course time (CT).

By the way, the Kassen ridge leading to the Mt. Tsubakuro in the same Northern Alps is easy to walk in less time than the course time. (I was 2 hours at 3 and a half hours of CT.)

I arived at the Eboshi Hut!
I accept tent at Eboshi Hut and walk to a tent hall located 5 minutes on foot.

Tent fee… 1,000 yen per person
Drinking water… 200 yen per liter

In addition, there is also the sale of alcohol.

I am running a tent and taking a break.
The time is after 12 o’clock.

It was sunny at night, and I could see the Milky Way 🙂

What about the summit of Mt. Eboshi?
I couldn’t go because I was sleeping in the tent.

From the next page, it ’s time to start walking along the ridgeline.

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