[Summer mountain climbing] Mt. Shirouma and Shirouma large snow valley.

On August 12-13, 2017, We climbed Mt. Shirouma 2 days and 1 night.

Introduction to Mt. Shirouma.

Mt. Shirouma is a mountain at an altitude of 2,932 m in the Japanese northern Alps.

Because it is a 3,000m peak near the Sea of Japan and becomes a heavy snowfall area, the climbing season is a short period from mid-July to early October.

There are several famous peaks and routes around Mt. Shirouma, so you can enjoy different fun no matter how many times you visit.

The course introduced in this article is below:

We entered the mountain from Sarukura,
We climbed the Shirouma large snow in summer.
At night, We looked at the milky way and the perseid meteor shower from the tent.
The next day, We enjoyed the sea of clouds and the ridge hike.

(First day) Sarukura hut -> Shirouma large snow valley -> Shirouma peak hut (CT5:30)

(Day 2) Shirouma peak hut -> Mt. Shirouma Summit -> Shirouma pond -> Tsugaike park (CT6:15)

From the start of mountain climbing to the top of Mt. Shirouma.

The day before we climbed, we stayed in the car at Happo visitor center.
We went to Sarukura hut on the first bus.

Sarukura hut is the trailhead.

We arrived at Shiroumajiri hut for an hour walking from Sarukura hut.
From here we climb to Shirouma large snow valley.

It is the beginning of the snow valley. There is a huge crack, so we will detour from the left side. There is no problem if we follow the pink tape attached to the mountain trail.

We start climbing the snow valley.
It is safe to use light crampons and double stock.

We look down at the bottom.

We sat down on the way and took a break.
It takes two and a half hours to pass the snow valley.

We passed the snow valley.
2 hours from here is a flower field hike.

A lily that gets wet in the rain


We’re going up the wooden path.

We see the Shirouma peak hut that is the camp site.

We set up a tent.
The time is 11:30.

The weather is cloudy.
We take a nap in the tent until it gets clear.

Summit of Mt. Shirouoma.

The time is past 14:00. The rain stopped.
We head to the summit of Mt. Shirouma. It takes about 15 minutes each way.

Beyond this…

It is the summit of Mt. Shirouma (altitude 2,932m)!

We’re on the sea of clouds.

Iwagikyo flower.


It is a ridge line that we plan to walk tomorrow.
We’re looking forward to tomorrow.

We enter Shirouma hut. (note: It is different from Shirouma peak hut.)

I’ll have a cake and a beer.
The price of the cake was several hundred yen.
Wouldn’t it be more expensive to eat in Tokyo?

It is a fashionable lantern.

We leave Shirouma hut.

We’re returning to the tent.

The next page is the milky way and the Perseid meteor shower.

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