[Summer mountain climbing] Mt. Shirouma and Shirouma large snow valley.

Milky way and the Perseid Meteor shower.

The time is before 21:00.
The dust in the air is falling from the rain. We can see the stars very well.

Shirouma hut and milky way.

Today is the day after the maximum day of the Perseid meteor shower.
A meteor shower has been flying around for a while now, but it’s hard to see it on camera.
Stick with it for 30 minutes. The Perseid meteor shower can be seen in the lower left! But this is actually a satellite.
Thank you very much for the joy of a while.

This time it is a true meteor shower.
The time is 9:30. The Moon is coming up soon, so we will can’t see the milky way.

Please refer to the article below for the relationship between the moon and the stars.

Day two. Ridge mountain climbing.

Day two. Welcome to the morning.
It is fine today, too.

Good morning tent site.

We start the ridge climbing via Mt. Korenge.

The border between Toyama and Nagano Prefectures.
There is a climer’s saying, “If you’re in distress, fall to Toyama.”
The reason is that Toyama Prefecture is more friendly to climbers. I don’t know if it’s true or not.
Of course, the rescue team in Nagano Prefecture is also trying to save lives every day.

The Shirouma peak hut away.

A sea of cloud.

We can see Shirouma hut.

We proceed along the ridge line on the right hand side of Shirouma hut.

A ridge line that looks out of the sea of clouds.

It is a beautiful season of alpine plants.

We will proceed on the ridge line.

Rock place.

Please enjoy the outlook below. You don’t need words.

It is a ridge line with rocks and greenery. There is also residual snow outside the mountain trail.
The northern part of the Japanese Northern Alps is a heavy snowfall area.

We can enjoy this great view for about two hours in course time.

We catch Mt. Korenge in sight.

We arrived at Mt. Korenge.
It is crowded with climbers.

Shirouma pond, Mt. Norikura, and Tsugaike park.

We will lower the altitude toward Shirouma pond.

It’s Watasuge flower.

We rushed into the sea of clouds.
Goodbye to the superb view.

We arrived at Shirouma pond.


We had a short rest at Shirouma pond hut.

We will go around the pond 1/3 and aim for Tsugaike park.

A fantastic Shirouma pond surrounded by fog.

We arrived in Cologne at the top of Mt. Norikura.

We go down a small snow valley. It takes about 15 minutes.
The angle of the mountain trail is steep, but if you are an expert, you can use the double stock even in no-crampons.
If you are worried, it is a good idea to put light crampons.

Clear the snow valley!
We go down on the boulders.
I slipped and was about to knock my companion off the rock.
Since it is dangerous, let’s go down a mountain at intervals.

We’re going down the wooden path.

We arrived at the ropeway mountaintop station!

I eat reward ice cream.

We go down the mountain quickly by the ropeway.

Paragliders see us off.

After this, we take a bus from Tsugaike Park and return to the my car in Happo visiter center.

Mt. Shirouma was the best mountain.
There are still a lot of undecons light peaks and trails in this mountain range.

I’d like to visit again soon.

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