[Autumn mountain climbing] Mt. Kita, Mt. Ai – A trip around the altitude 2nd and 3rd place in Japan-.

On September 2nd and 3rd 2017, We went to Mt. Kita and Mt. Ai in the Japanese Southern ALPS.

Introduction of Mt. Kita and Mt. Ai.

Mt. Kita and Mt. Ai are mountains in the Japanese Southern ALPS.
Mt. Kita is the second and Mt. Ai is the third highest peak in Japan.
Mt. Fuji is famous in Japan, but personally, there are more things to see on Mt. Kita and Mt. Ai.

In this article, I will introduce the record of climbing Mt. Kita and Mt. Ai from Hirogawara in one night and two days.
In this course, you can enjoy the swamp, the snow valley, the alpine plants, and the great observation ridge line hike of the Southern Alps. you never get tired of climbing.

Details of this course.

The details of this course are as follows.

(First day) Hirogawara → Kitadake Hut → Mt. Ai peak → Kitadake Hut (course time 9 hours)
(Day 2) Kitadake Hut → Mt. Kita peak → Hirogawara (course time 5 hours 40 minutes)

For more information on this course, please refer to “Mountain map of Mt. Kita and Mt. Kaikoma.”
In order to prevent distress, try to climb with a map.

To Kitadake Hut.

I parked my car in the Ashiyasu parking lot, took the first bus, and moved to Hirogawara at the trailhead.
Please click here for the bus timetable.

I will climb the side of Okabazawa.

It is a beautiful season of alpine plants.

Is it Tricabut? Personally, purple is my favorite color.
The skirt of the woman accompanying was purple, so I said, “It’s a tricabuto color. It looks good on me.” I was beaten by her for no reason.

There is a snow valley at the top.

A collaboration between gas and snow valley.

I’m going to climb the ladder of the “Happon-ba-no-col”

We can see Houou-sanzan.

We catch the top of Mt. Kita in sight!
It is commonly known as “Buttress”.

Mt. fuji.

Ladder At the top.

We climbed up the ladder!
This area is a sea of clouds.

This is branch. To the right, it is the top of Kita.
The summit of Kita will be passed on to tomorrow, and this time we will aim for “Kitadake Hut and “Mt. Ai” on the left.

We aim for Kitadake Hut.

Mt. Kita looking up from this angle is also beautiful.

It is Kitadake Hut soon.

Mt. Ai.

I set up a tent at Kitadake Hut and headed to Mt. Ai over a three-hour round trip.
We were wrapped in gas.
About 30-year-old men and women are absorbed in the hobby of climbing mountains without getting married. It’s just a gas walk of life.

Ptarmigan came out!
Did you come to comfort us?
Ptarmigan is easy to infest when wrapped in gas.

Go through the gas.

Discover hordes of monkeys!
I’m worried that the previous ptarmigan will be attacked.

We arrived at Mt. Nakashiromine.
Mt. Nakashiromine is a high peak with altitude of 3,055 m, but it is a poor mountain that does not count on the 3,000m peak because there is Mt. Kitadake and Mt. Mano nearby. It seems as if an ordinary woman becomes inconspicuous when she is sandwiched between beautiful women.

The ridge line leading to Mt. Ai is full of false peaks.
My friend asks me many times, ” Are we still not arriving at Mt. Ai?”
I cheated about that ten times, saying, “That is Mt. Ai!”

Pass through false peaks!

At an altitude of 3,000m, the air is thin, so it is physically difficult.

Oh? There’s something like a sign.

A little more!

I got it!

Mt. Ai arrived by working hard. A good view of the reward awaits.
(I can’t see anything…)

Return to Kitadake Hut.
The next page is the night view and the starry sky.

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