Mount Hakuba – Great snow valley, Perseid Meteor Shower, Sky Hike.

On August 12-13, 2017 we climbed Mount Hakuba (Shirouma) for two days and one night in tents!

Introduction to Mount Hakuba

Mount Hakuba is a 2,932-meter-high mountain in the Ushiro-Tateyama mountain range in the northern part of the Northern Alps. The summit straddles Nagano and Toyama prefectures.

Because of its proximity to the Sea of Japan and heavy snowfall, the best time to climb this 3,000-meter peak is during the short period from mid-July to early October.

There are several famous peaks and routes around Mount Hakuba. You can enjoy this mountain range differently no matter how many times you visit.

In the course presented in this blog, We entered the mountain from Sarukura, climbed up Great snow valleys with abundant snow even in August, viewed the Milky Way and Perseid meteor shower from our tent at night, and enjoyed a two-hour hike along the cloud sea ridge with a spectacular view the next day.

(Day 1) Sarukura hut→Hakuba Shiri hut→Mount Hakuba top hut→Mount Hakuba top hut→Mount Hakuba top hut (CT5:30)
(Day 2) Mount Hakuba top hut→Mount Hakuba big pond→Mount ko-renge→Hakuba big pond→Tsugaike Nature Park (CT6:15)

Start of climbing – Mount Hakuba top hut

We stayed in the car at the Happo Visitor Center the day before the climb. We took the first bus to Sarukura hut.

The climbing will start from Sarukura hut.

An hour’s walk from Sarukura hut, we arrived at Hakuba-jiri hut. From here we began our ascent up Great snow valley.

Beginning of Great snow valley. Because of a huge crack in the lower part of Great snow valley, we will detour from the left side of the trail in the early stage of the climb. At this time of year, we have no problem if we follow the pink tape attached to the trail.

We begin our ascent up Great snow valley. Light crampons and a double stock will be safe.

We look down the lower part of Great snow valley.

We are on our way to sit down and take a break; it’s a long route, two and a half hours.

We left Great snow valley. From here, it is a two-hour hike through a flower garden.

Rain-drenched daylily


We climbed up the wooden path.

The campsite, Mount Hakuba top hut, was visible!

We set up our tent. The time is 11:30.

The sky is overcast. We decide to take a nap in our tent until the weather clears up.

Mount Hakuba and Hakuba hut

The time is past 2:00 pm. The rain has stopped. We are heading for the summit of Mount Hakuba in light clothing. It takes about 15 minutes one way.

Beyond this sandy area.

This is the summit of Mt. Hakuba (2,932 meters above sea level)!

We are above the sea of clouds.

Iwagikyo flower


This is the ridge line we plan to walk tomorrow. We will leave it for today.

We stopped at Hakuba hut.

We will have cake and beer. The price of the cake was a few hundred yen. It would have been more expensive to eat in Shinjuku….

A stylish lantern.

We leave Hakuba hut.

We return to our tent site.

The next page shows the Milky Way and the Perseid meteor shower.


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